UNC COMP590.162 S20: Lectures & Presentations

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Floating Topics (never covered in detail)

Lecture __: 3D Geometric Physics Methods (___)

(collision detection, triggers/collisions, meshes, convex hulls, physically-based modelling theory)

Lecture __: Implementing Basic AI (__)

Week 14: Olfactory Displays/Sense of Smell & Haptics/Sense of Touch, Systems Related to VR/AR

Lecture 28: AR/VR Research Process (4/24/20 LDOC)

Lecture 27: Other VR/AR Displays, Haptics & Olfactory Displays (4/22/20)

Lecture 26: Augmented Reality Part 4 (SLAM/ICP/AR in Game Engines) (4/20/20)

Week 13: Augmented Reality (AR)

Lecture 25: Augmented Reality Part 3 (Tracking & Reconstruction) (4/17/20)

slight correction to voronoi part in slides

Lecture 24: Augmented Reality Part 2 (Optics & Distortion) (4/15/20)

Lecture 23: Augmented Reality Part 1 (Types of AR Displays) (4/13/20)

Week 12: Inverse Kinematics/Constraints

Lecture 22: Inverse Kinematics for VR (4/8/20)

Lecture 21: Markerless Tracking Applications & Forward/Inverse Kinematics (FK/IK) Part 1(4/6/20)

Week 11: 3D Animation

Lecture 20: 3D Animation Part 3: Skeletons & Tracking (4/3/20)

Lecture 19: 3D Animation Part 2: Blendshapes & Skeletons (3/30/20)

Week 10: 3D Animation

Lecture 18: Survey of Animation Methods (3/25/20)

Lecture 17: Review, Navigation, & Crowds (3/23/20)

Week 9: 3D Audio & AI

Lecture 16: Implementing 3D Audio & Construction of an AI (3/4/20)

Lecture 15: Review of 3D Audio & Synthesis (3/2/20)

Week 8: 3D Audio & Sense of Hearing

Lecture 14: 3D Audio: Spatialization & Design, Perception, Distortion, Propagation(2/26/20)

(HRTFs, Spatialization/Attenuation, Filters, Spatial Distortion, Falloff, Reverberation, localization, Propagation, Geometry, Diffraction, Masking)

Lecture 13: Locomotion Pt 3: S2C, Distractors, Audio, & Other Perceptual Shenanigans (2/24/20)

Week 7: Locomotion & Vestibular/Kinesthetic Senses

Lecture 12: Spatial Distortion & Analysis of Locomotion (HCI, Geometric, Topological, etc.) (2/19/20)

(SSQs, distortion, thresholds, navigational ability, translational/rotational gain, graphs and prediction of behavior/game theory, mental mapping)

Lecture 11: Perception of Self/Avatars, Telepresence, & Basics of Virtual Locomotion Pt. 1 (2/17/20)

(more on avatars, basic locomotion methods, controller input, flying, walking-in-place (head/arm movement), treadmills, redirected walking, distractors, explicit reorientation, saccades, change blindness)

Week 6: Immersion & Sense of Presence

Lecture 10: HCI Analysis, Perception of Self & Avatars (2/12/20)

(Training, learning effect, perception of self, senses, distortion, illusions, measuring presence/SUS/ANOVAs/Likert, adoption of the VE, framerate)

Lecture 9: Comparing Unity/UE4 VR implementation & basic HCI (2/10/20)

Week 5: Basic VR Development

Lecture 8/In-Class Demo: Responding to Random & Ambiguous User Behavior (2/4/20)

(Grabbing, Magnetism, Rotations, Spherecasting)

Lecture 7/In-Class Demo: Basic VR Methodology for Arbitrary VEs (2/2/20)

(Vectors/Directionality, VR Character, Teleporting, Raycasting, Collision Detection)

Week 4: Basic 3D Modelling and High-Level Design

Lecture 6: High-Level Design (1/29/20)

(Gameflow, Finite State Machines, Data Structures, Troubleshooting)

Lecture 5: Basic 3D Modelling & Game Dev Practice (1/27/20)

Week 3: Using a Game Engine

Lecture 4: How to Use a Game Engine (Intro to the Editors, Events, & Raycasting) (1/22/20)

Week 2: Basic Graphics and Game Development

Lecture 3: GameObjects, Actors, and Game Languages (1/15/20)

Lecture 2: High-Level Intro to 3D Graphics (1/13/20)

Week 1: Intro

Lecture 1: Class Intro (1/8/20)