UNC COMP590.162 S20 Final Projects

Patrick Annunziata & Justin Tse

  • Tried to objectively measure frustration in a 3D audio-based game that specifically tries to frustrate the user

Jay Sheth, Nicholas Ashcraft, Alex Hendel, Varun Jain

  • Compared AR and VR marketing strategies and their effectiveness on potential customers
AR Video & Commentary.MP4

Halie Chmura, Meris Beganovic, Bea Manaligod, LJ Enloe

  • Allow & study navigation with 3D sound propagation & a bouncy audio probe that helps the user understand the structure of an invisible maze

Rees Braam, Sri Gopal, Ike Mango

  • Study whether or not having keyboard controls more similar to the physical positions of hands on a wheelchair affect performance & enjoyment of the simulation (use case is an obstacle course)

Nicholas Day, April Xu

  • Study whether or not having a 3D minimap as opposed to a 2D one helps the user better localize a 3D environment

Daniel De Marchi

  • Study effect of realistic animation on user response to scary stimuli

Andrew Freeman

  • Simulate accurate eye gaze-based depth-of-field and study its effect on immersiveness & performance

Andrew Fulmer

  • Study the effect of 3D sound propagation on immersiveness during a task in which the user communicates with virtual agents giving them directions to a treasure.

Mary Gibeau, Lizzie Abouchar

  • Study how different acoustic materials affect performance during a treasure hunt

Shreya Gullapalli, Ammar Puri

  • Study the effect of distractors on ability to accurately track a goal object.

Austin Hale, Surya Poddutoori, Alex Proca

  • Made a multiplayer simulation forcing navigation with redirected walking and studied effect of 2D vs 3D perspective on user experience

Micah Haycraft, Angel Santaloci

  • Studied impact of 3D sound propagation on presence in an instrument-playing scenario

Lily Lou, Evan Vitkus

  • Studied effectiveness of having/not having a distractor during navigation with redirected walking in a maze

Trazon Mitchell

  • Studied impact of having a source of emotional support/motivation while going through a stressful task like crossing a bridge between buildings
Video Demo.mp4

Kay Olecki, Alan Patterson, Michael Sparks

  • Studied effectiveness of different stress-inducing traps

Roshni Pasupula

  • Studied performance and accuracy during a collection task when an environmental stressor is present

Nolan Scobie, Husam Shaik, Brian Batista

  • Studied effect of different Zero-G locomotion strategies (fixed frame bathysphere vs free-floating) on sickness

Armando Sifuentes

  • Studied effect of hidden/secret mechanisms on immersion during a navigation task

Ashley Smith, Aakash Thumaty

  • Studied effect of audio on spatial memorization during a navigation task
demoVideo (1).flv

Rachel Starr

  • Worked on making a highly-customizable avatar creation/animation library called SMPL working for users in VR

Lauren Taekman

  • Studied effect of different acoustic materials on performance in a collection task.

Iftekhar Uddin

  • Studied effectiveness of a changed-perspective therapy scenario and whether or not modifying the repeated audio cue helps with immersion

Jordan Van Glish, Tian Liu, Ruth Wang

  • Studied effectiveness of sound on user response to scary stimuli

Yichen Wu, Hanlin Zhang

  • Studied effect of first person vs third person perspective on memory of a virtual environment over time.